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Dubai Real Estate Glossary

Posted by Owais on March 1, 2024


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  • Agent (Noun): A licensed Real Estate professional who represents buyers and sellers in real estate transactions.
  • Apartment (Noun): A self-contained housing unit within a larger building, often rented out to tenants. Check apartments for sale in Dubai
  • Affordable (Adjective): Describes housing that is reasonably priced and within the financial means of the target market.
  • Affordable Housing (Noun): Residential properties designed to be affordable for lower-income households, often with subsidies or government support.


  • Broker (Noun): A licensed individual or Real Estate agency who facilitates transactions between buyers and sellers.
  • Buyer (Noun): An individual or entity purchasing a property for personal use or investment purposes.
  • Bungalow (Noun): A single-story house, typically with a low-pitched roof and a veranda.
  • Burj Khalifa (Noun): The tallest skyscraper in the world, located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • Brokerage Fee (Noun): The commission paid to a real estate broker for facilitating a property transaction


  • Commercial (Adjective): Pertaining to properties or activities related to business or commerce.
  • Condominium (Noun): A type of housing where individual units are owned by residents, while common areas are jointly owned and managed.
  • Contract (Noun): A legally binding agreement between parties outlining the terms and conditions of a real estate transaction.


  • Developer (Noun): A poperty developer individual or company that buys land, builds structures, and sells or rents properties.
  • Duplex (Noun): A Duplex is a residential building divided into two separate living units, each with its own entrance.


  • Estate (Noun): A large area of land, including buildings and other improvements, owned by an individual or organization.
  • Exclusive (Adjective): Describes a listing agreement where only one agent or brokerage has the right to sell a property.
  • Expatriate (Noun): A person residing in a country other than their native country, often for employment purposes.


  • Financing (Noun): The process of obtaining funds to purchase real estate through loans or mortgages.
  • Freehold (Noun): Absolute ownership of real property, with full rights to use and dispose of the property as desired. Read more about Freehold properties


  • Gated (Adjective): Describes a community or development with controlled access, often through security gates or barriers.
  • Gulf (Noun): The body of water bordering the UAE, which influences coastal real estate development.
  • Guarantee (Noun): A promise or assurance, often provided by developers or lenders, regarding the performance or quality of a property.


  • Homeowner (Noun): An individual who owns and resides in a residential property.
  • High-rise (Adjective): Describes tall buildings with multiple floors or stories, often found in urban areas.


  • Investment (Noun): The act of committing money or resources with the expectation of financial gain, typically through rental income or property appreciation.
  • Infrastructure (Noun): The basic physical and organizational structures and facilities needed for the operation of a society, including roads, utilities, and public services.


  • Jumeirah (Noun): Palm Jumeirah is a prestigious residential area in Dubai known for luxury properties and beachfront living.


  • Key Money (Noun): A one-time payment made by a tenant to secure a lease agreement.
  • Keys (Noun): Physical objects used to unlock and gain access to a property.


  • Lease (Noun): A contractual agreement granting temporary possession or use of a property in exchange for rent.
  • Luxury (Adjective): Describes high-end properties and amenities associated with comfort, elegance, and exclusivity.


  • Mayfair Propperties (Noun): Explore Dubai luxury properties with Mayfair Properties A trusted RERA certified Real estate agency in Dubai. Your one stop solution for all real estate needs
  • Mortgage (Noun): A loan used to purchase real estate, secured by the property itself.
  • Master (Noun): The primary or main entity or plan, often used in the context of planned communities or developments.


  • Neighborhood (Noun): A geographically localized community within a larger city or town.
  • New (Adjective): Refers to properties, developments, or construction that is recently completed or under construction.


  • Owner (Noun): An individual or entity holding legal title to a property.
  • Off plan (Adjective): Describes properties or developments sold before construction is completed.


  • Property (Noun): Land, buildings, or other assets owned by individuals or organizations. Check properties in Dubai
  • Penthouse (Noun): Penthouse is a luxurious apartment or residence located on the top floor of a building. 


  • Qualified (Adjective): Describes individuals or entities that meet specific criteria or standards, often used in the context of buyers or tenants.


  • Real estate (Noun): Property consisting of land and the buildings on it, along with its natural resources.
  • Rent (Noun): Payment made by a tenant to a landlord in exchange for the use or occupancy of a property.


  • Sale (Noun): The transfer of ownership of property from seller to buyer in exchange for a price.
  • Studio (Noun): A small apartment or living space consisting of one main room, typically serving as living, sleeping, and dining areas.
  • Suburb (Noun): Residential areas located on the outskirts of urban centers, often characterized by lower population density and quieter surroundings.


  • Tenant (Noun): An individual or entity renting or leasing a property from a landlord.
  • Title deed (Noun): A legal document proving ownership of a property.


  • Under construction (Adjective): Describes properties or developments in the process of being built or completed.
  • Unit (Noun): A single, self-contained housing or commercial space within a larger building or development.


  • Villa (Noun): A detached or semi-detached residential property, often with its own land and amenities. Check villa for sale in Dubai
  • Vacant (Adjective): Describes properties or units that are unoccupied or available for rent or sale.


  • Waterfront (Adjective): Waterfront properties are located adjacent to water, such as a lake, river, beach or ocean.
  • Walk-in (Adjective): Describes closets or storage spaces that are large enough for a person to enter and walk around in.


  • Xeriscaping (Noun): A landscaping method that reduces or eliminates the need for supplemental watering, commonly used in arid climates.


  • Yield (Noun): The income generated by an investment property, typically expressed as a percentage of its value.
  • Yacht (Noun): A large, luxurious boat often associated with high-end waterfront properties and marinas.


  • Zone (Noun): A designated area of land with specific regulations and permitted land uses, typically established by local government authorities.
  • Zenith (Noun): The highest point or peak,

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